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  Fonebell Presents IVR Solutions for Hospitals (23 views)

30 Jan 2024 13:47

Fonebell, a leading cloud telephony service provider in India, provides IVR solutions for hospitals to help them manage their growing call volume and sound professional to their patients, drug manufacturers and suppliers, equipment manufacturers and regulators.


Healthcare Services in India

Promising Figures: India annually produces

30,000 doctors

18,000 specialists

30,000 AYUSH graduates

54,000 nurses, 15,000 ANMs and 36,000 pharmacists

Today India is home to 6-6.5 lakh doctors

Disappointing Ground Realities

There is only one doctor per 1,700 citizens in India

Poor accessibility to quality medical care

Out of pocket expenditures

How Fonebell IVR Solutions for Hospitals Help

Increases accessibility for patients and other callers.

Over the phone doctor booking/appointment avoids queue hassles and saves time of patients. Healthcare units can save OPD infrastructure and manpower costs. Similarly, other callers can also reach their right destination to seek the right information.VoIP service provider

Increases collaboration among staffs and departments.

Different hospital departments can share details internally regarding the admitted patients to take the right decision at the right time.

Reduces operational costs.

Automated enquiry and booking system and real-time sharing of information help healthcare units to cut down their operational costs and speed up their work.

Improves patients care.

Better collaboration among staff speeds up decision making, particularly at critical juncture.

Fonebell IVR Solutions for Hospitals: Features

A. Auto-Attendant (IVR)

Allows callers to instantly reach the right department by just calling the number and pressing the right phone key buttons as prompted by the IVR.

We offer an easy to use and powerful IVR.

Healthcare staff can manage call flow, build scheduled responses, forward calls off-site, and more.

B. Voicemail: 1000 Hours

Fonebell system comes with over 1000 hours of voicemail storage, and 4 easy ways to retrieve messages:

One-touch from your office phone.

Dial in remotely from any phone.

Attached to your email as .wav files.

Listen via our web control panel.

C. Ring-All (Blast Group)

A Blast Group takes one inbound call and rings all phones. One that is picked first gets the call. You can include or remove any phones in/from the Blast Group.

D. Analog & IP Phones

Fonebell IVR service supports all analog phones and numerous IP phones including Aastra and Polycom.

Fonebell supports MWI (message waiting indicator) on all IP Phones and utilizes stutter-tone on analog phones to indicate voicemail waiting.

Analog phones support multiple call appearances via call-waiting flash-hook.

E. VoIP-Ready (Unlimited)

Fonebell comes VoIP ready – with a couple of clicks of the mouse you can connect the Foenbell System to an unlimited number of VoIP Providers (SIP or IAX).

VoIP service provider

VoIP service provider


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